Step through a mental doorway with me,
and enter into a new world of possibilities and achievement.

Teri Mahaney, Ph.D.



A former Associate Professor of Business,
I am a bottom line businesswoman.

I'm focused on creating and supporting
your life-lasting changes -
personally and professionally.





My private clients are from all walks of life and include:

  • sports stars (NBA and NFL players, a wrestling team) 
  • underachievers (managers, artists, entrepreneurs, students)
  • people in transition (divorce, career change, death of a spouse)
  • people seeking balance and healing (physical ailments, negative thoughts and feelings, emotional upsets)
  • tweens and teens with peer pressure and body image issues
  • spiritual seekers
  • everybody else!


To speed things along, I am an expert in brain states and theta healing, so I can identify your unconscious blocks and patterns quickly. I created the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® program and technology, and we can include some of those 50+ products to accelerate your changes. 

Although I have been recognized as an International Leader in Achievement, an Outstanding Woman of the Year, and am listed in the World Who’s Who of Women, I define my success by your success!