Dr. Teri Mahaney is a multi-faceted game changer.

Her forte is enlightened thinking

expressed in strategic action and advocacy.

She breaks through outdated patterns in every field she works in- from the adventure travel industry to college teaching and administration to management training to equal/civil rights policies and legislation to personal transformation.

She is fiercely committed to serving others
and shares her intuitive insights and hard-won wisdom through

Products Change Your Mind Theta Healing MP3s
Change Your Mind how-to books
Memoirs that chronicle her story and provide guidance for
           leadership development, equal relationships, and personal
Consulting/Mentoring Individual sessions for clarity and guidance
Conscious Leader Programs (customized)
Change Your Mind Peak Performance Programs
Retreats Spiritual Retreats in Sedona, AZ
Youth Programs Make SMART Choices with Tyler and Friends
Heal Bullying (6 FREE MP3s)
Teaching Leadership classes on the graduate university level

Select the best way for you to experience Teri’s amazing gifts.