Teri Mahaney, PhD


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Dr. Mahaney shares her practical wisdom and wit through transformative MP3s, books, and memoirs.

Creator of a breakthrough neuroscience program, Dr. Mahaney spent 25+ years perfecting her methods so you can change easily and automatically...while you sleep.

Change Your Mind MP3s

Choose from 60+ MP3s to transform how you think, feel and behave.
Each MP3 contain 180 life-changing statements.

Topics include:

  • Empowerment
  • Healing and Wellness
  • Money
  • Success
  • Loving Relationships
  • Loving Partnership
  • Parenting
  • Spirituality

Change Your Mind Books

Change Your Mind

Understanding the Research: How and Why It Works


Change Your Mind while you sleep: Workbook - a step by step guide to create recordings that change your life.


Teri’s students hear it all the time in her graduate classes as she presents leadership case studies:
Could I Make This Up?

So she titled her memoirs with her trademark moniker.

Could I Make This Up about my careers?

Could I Make This Up about my men?

Could I Make This Up about being a woo-woo?