Teri Mahaney, PhD


Youth Leadership Programs

Student Success

A series of 6 MP3s to transform how students perform — from traditional school age to adult learning and career advancement.

The Topics are:

1. Be A Master Student
2. Take Charge at School
3. Get Motivated and Organized
4. Study and Learn Easily
5. Take Tests Confidently
6. Complete Your Papers, Projects & Presentations

The book and workbook set empower kids to create better lives – one SMART choice at a time.
They are the one-stop resource for developing life-lasting critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills.

I'm Over the Hurt pix

Heal Bullying

A series of 6 FREE MP3s that support everyone with adverse experiences to regain confidence and assertiveness and get their lives back.

The Topics are:

1. I Stand Up to Bullying
2. I’m Over the Hurt
3. I Feel Good About Myself
4. I’m Smart About Social Media
5. I Get Along at School
6. I Hang Out With the Right Kids