Change Your Mind

Dr. Mahaney continues her pioneer family tradition of trailblazing with her breakthrough Change Your Mind SuperSleep® program.

She unlocked the door of the theta brainwave state’s powers when she accidentally fell asleep listening to a Suggestopedia recording she made to improve her time management, goal setting, and delegation skills — and it worked anyway.

Fascinated, she began researching and experimenting. And she became a pioneer in brain change technology, and THE expert in theta brainwaves and change. Along the way, Teri became passionate about helping people “change their minds” – quickly and automatically. She wrote how-to books and created affordable products for dozens of issues – from adverse childhood experiences to taking tests with confidence to living with spiritual purpose.

Teri’s private clients range from NFL and NBA players to underachieving students. “In 25 years, I’ve had clients with about every issue,” she says, “and I LOVE to hear each of their success stories.”