Teri Mahaney, PhD

is a woman of action for personal and social transformation.

Her passion is thinking – clear, creative, life-changing thinking. An award winning teacher and author, she is committed to helping people change their minds to make their lives work better on all levels.

An Associate Professor of Business, Teri developed dozens of Supertraining programs, integrating accelerated learning into business and management classes. She was a highly respected management trainer and consultant to over 500 organizations ranging from the Stennis Space Center to the Girl Scouts of America. She taught leadership classes for the Departments of Defense and Interior, and currently teaching graduate level leadership classes at the university.

Teri combined her passion for helping others succeed – with her investigative mind – to research the neuroscience of performance. She discovered the link between the Theta brain wave state and performance, and created her revolutionary Change Your Mind SuperSleep® program. Her work is internationally recognized and referenced in books on the brain and change. Teri continues to improve and expand her program, and has conducted evidence based studies and presented her research findings at international conferences.

Her private clients range from NFL and NBA players to underachieving students.

She is sought out for her depth of knowledge and experience, down to earth approach, unusual insights, sense of humor, and uplifting spirit.

Though listed in the World Who’s Who of Women, honored as an International Leader in Achievement and an Outstanding Woman of the Year, Teri measures her success by the success of her clients.

Teri’s Outstanding Achievements include:

As an Innovator for Social Change

  • created the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® method which is internationally recognized and referenced in books on the brain and rapid change technologies, including Supermemory and Superlearning 2000
  • authored Change Your Mind and SuperSleep® – the first and only books on how to create theta brainwave recordings for peak performance and healing
  • developed and produced Change Your Mind SuperSleep® CD series: (6 CDs per series): Empowerrment, Healing and Wellness, Success, Money, Student Success, Parenting, Loving Relationships, Loving Partnership, Train Your Brain for Runners
  • founded Heal Bullying, a non profit to deliver free resources to heal the negative effects of bullying, which provides six free MP3s, downloadable from the internet
  • authored Make SMART Choices with Tyler and Friends, a critical thinking book that guides young readers through real life problems, step by step, to positive solutions

As an Associate Professor of Business and Management Trainer

  • won the Innovative Teacher award
  • developed skills based curriculum in accelerated learning format for delivery in colleges, businesses, and government
  • designed award winning training materials (Best of the North Award)
  • created the Supertraining programs — integrating accelerated learning into business and management training classes
  • trained and consulted with over 500 organizations ranging from the Stennis Space Center to the Girl Scouts of America

As a State Director Appointed by the Governor

Director, Child Support Enforcement Division

  • Developed the wage withholding program for child support collection
  • Increased legislative understanding and public awareness of state managed programs (stories in USA Today, dozens of newspapers)
  • Won an innovative legislation federal grant award for Child Support Enforcement, to develop and pilot wage withholding

Director, Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

  • Brought agency into federal compliance to secure $260 million in funding
  • Developed the Policy and Procedure Manual which was adopted as a model for all states

As a Community College Administrator

  • increased enrollment 30% by assessing and meeting students’ needs
  • initiated and piloted the first concurrent enrollment for telecourses in US
  • sponsored / hostessed the first cross-curriculum conference in humanities

As owner/operator of Western Skier River Trip Co., Inc.

  • was a whitewater guide on Wild and Scenic Rivers in Utah, Texas, and Colorado
  • designed the Great Outdoor Adventure Leadership School (GOALS) for youth
  • led the first US familiarization tour for outdoor travel
  • established outdoor travel in airline vacation books and tour desks
  • packaged, sold, and facilitated the largest single ski group to Colorado (858)
  • won the Presidential Sports Award